Coating in Canada

Look around, chances are that you are using products with coatings right now!

Think about the possible anti-ice coating on your windscreen. Or the invisible anti corrosion coating on traffic signs when you were driving towards your work in Toronto today, talking about driving: Do you already know how much it cost to powdercoat your car rims these days? We do! =) Coatings are everywhere in our lives and with the technology it contains, we can’t live without it!

On we want to provide you up to date information about the Canadian coating industry. We go into great depth and try to cover all topics , so we will cover as mentioned above ‘the powder coating of car rims‘ but also the ‘advanced stealth coating used in the defense industry‘.

polyurethane coating in an offshore environment on oil rigs
fluoropolymer coatings support hydraulics in cranes
Mixing two component epoxy coating in a paint tin
spraying a metal piece using industrial coating equipment
antifouling paint applied on boat hulls in canada
orange decorative coating on interior wall with paint cans
vehicle refinish for after the crash
automotive underbody coatings protect vehicle from nature

Coating in Ottawa

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