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anti-radar paint

 Anti-radar paint; effective disguise?

Anti-radar paint or stealth coating is a special coating which absorbs radiation as effectively as possible. If the anti-radar paint is effective, the level of reflected radiation is low. This phenomenon is also used in stealth technology in order to disguise a car, other vehicle or any structure from radar detection. Radar absorption depends on the composition of the paint material and the surface on which you apply it. Sometimes, some compositions show better absorbency at some frequencies and lower absorbency at other frequencies. Therefore, anti-radar paint does not  absorb all radar frequencies at once.

Anti radar paint for cars will not make your vehicle invisible for laser guns and radars.  Most of them work by reflecting the infrared laser beam, reducing the effective range of for example a police laser, giving a driver extra time to react.

Anti radar paint - radar installation

Anti-radar paint for cars

Note: The use of this product is not a license to speed nor do we advocate speeding.

This particular innovation is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. It can make motor cars, aeroplanes and aircrafts less visible to radar instruments. Objects painted with this type of coating are much more difficult to detect on a radar. However, note that this special paint does not make the motor vehicle or aircraft completely invisible on radars. But it makes the coated object quite disruptive to it.  Just like the protection against ice using a special coating, anti-radar paint can also help to prevent speeding tickets, often in combination with other anti laser gun devices. In that case coat only parts of the vehicle that reflect. Laser guns namely target licence plates and headlights to read your current speed.  Anti radar paint, used to prevent speeding tickets is also called:

Anti laser gun/radar absorbing paintveil anti radar stealth coating

Veil G5 ($ 97,95, available at various webshops like is a translucent greyish liquid applied to the laser’s favorite targets on a vehicle, the highly reflective license plate, headlights, fog lights, turn signal lights and any vertical brightwork. Veil does not claim to make a vehicle disappear from lasers. It intends to reduce the effective range of a laser, giving a driver extra time to react.

How to apply

You can apply Veil yourself by following the included instructions. Enough Veil is included to cover (typically) 2-3 vehicles. If necessary, Veil can be removed by following instructions provided in the owners manual.

Apply the Veil coating to your headlights, fog lights and license plate (the reflective areas that the laser gun targets) for the best results. Fun fact: the paint also protects the headlights of car from harmful UV radiations

This coating usually comes packaged in a 5.5 oz. screw plastic can. This quantity can do three full applications. It can be easily applied with sponge applicator brushes. One application lasts almost from 8 to 12 months. A typical application just takes 10 to 15 minutes (on your car).Laser Veil G5 is backed up by several patents worldwide.  What Veil is composed of is proprietary and undisclosed. Our advice is to drive the speed limit and not bring anyone in danger by driving too fast.

anti radar paint difference

So how does it work exactly?

Paint to avoid laser guns

Police laser guns release a narrow beam of light at a targeted vehicle. Portions of this light is reflected off the vehicle and back to the laser gun. From this reflected light, the laser gun can determine the speed of the vehicle. In order for the laser gun to calculate a vehicles speed, the light has to be reflected back to the gun. Because of this, police target the more reflective areas of the vehicle. Typically this is the front license plate, headlights, or perhaps a shiny front grill. Covering those areas with for example Veil (mentioned above) will make your vehicle less reflective, which makes it more difficult for the laser gun to calculate your speed. This can give you an extra few seconds to adjust your speed, which is often enough time to save a ticket!

Lighter colored cars are more reflective than darker ones, so expect better performance with a darker car.

Many Video’s around (including Mythbusters)

Who can prove these anti detection measures truly work:

Paint to avoid radars

A radar basically works by emitting electromagnetic waves and detecting what comes back as a result. If those specific waves end up striking an object, let’s say an incoming automobile, then these waves scatter. Out of these scattered waves, some return to the radar receiver. This results in producing an ID of the object and the radar terms it positive. What anti-radar paint does is to simply absorb the waves and dissipate them as another form of energy (called heat) which then scatters into the surrounding atmosphere. However, the radar might still receive a few weak signals but it won’t register them as an incoming solid object. It’s not a perfect solution but is definitely cost-effective than buying a stealth vehicle or aircraft.

Where to buy anti-radar paint in Canada

The most famous product available in Canada is LASER VEIL G5 and available at various webshops like

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