Chemical Resistant Coating Canada

chemical resistant coating

Chemical & Acid Resistant Coating in Canada

Chemical resistant coating, sometimes referred as anti chemical coating or acid resistant coating, is used as a protective paint on objects against aggressive chemicals and substances. It is also used as a wall or flooring system in areas where there is chemical exposure of various degrees. Without the proper protective coating chemicals can be absorbed by the substrate and deteriorate it from within or even contaminate the product, soil or environment.

Acid Resistant Coating is Used in Canada for:

chemical resistant coating for tanks and tank linings

Tanks and tank linings in a Canadian Tube

Chemical resistant coating

Reactors or waste water plants

Chemical resistant coating

Laboratory floor and hospitals

chemical resistant coating for storing tanks

Chemical storing tanks Canada

The chemical resistant coating solutions that are available: 

Two component reactive systems offer the best resistance against various chemicals. These are the most commonly available in Canada:

  • Epoxy Coating: often used for creating durable flooring systems in factories and food industries. Epoxy can withstand acids, fats, oils, general fuels, lubricants, salt- and sugar solutions and detergents. It can also be used as a paint for steel, metal and concrete. There are two main types of epoxy resins:
    • Bisphenol A: Formed by the reaction of Bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin
    • Epoxy Novolac (or phenol novolac): Formed by the reaction of phenol and formaldehyde
  • Polyurethane Coating: also a popular choice for flooring systems. Great advantage over epoxy is that polyurethane based chemical resistant coating can resist high temperatures, thus allowing steam cleaning. It can withstand organic acids and alkalis, fuel and hydraulic oils, and aromatic and aliphatic solvents. It can also be used as a paint for steel, metal and concrete.
  • Methacrylate Coating: is used as a chemical resistant coating in cold storages, freezers and other areas with cold conditions. It protects against aqueous solutions but does a poor job protecting against solvents of all types.
  • Vinyl esters: mainly used for cargo tank lining.

In aggressive and extreme environments, a two component chemical resistant epoxy coating, like that found within International’s Intergard 410 (from CAD 75,-), delivers as an anti-corrosive barrier for high-build sites and on external tanks. As with all Rawlins Paints’ products, it comes available in a wide range of colours. But there are also other paint suppliers on the market for chemical resistant coating.

Chemical resistant coating Canada & Acid Resistant Paint suppliers

What kind of chemical resistant coating is best for your project depends of the environment it is used in and the chemicals or acids that the substrate is exposed to. For example; a reactor or waste water treatment plant needs a different protection than for example a laboratory floor. Therefor you can always contact us for free advice about your project. We are happy to help.

Here are a few examples of suppliers and their prices:

InternationalIntergard 410From CAD 75,-
Rust Oleum9600 Rust O ThaneFrom CAD 160,-
Sikagard63 N high chemical resistanceFrom CAD 200,-
Jotun Chemflake (for areas subject to extreme chemical exposure)From CAD 500,-
International Interline995 heavy duty vinyl esterFrom CAD 145,-

chemical resistant coating canada

Chemical resistant coating canada

Chemical resistant coatings for concrete and other substrates

There are special coating formulas especially for concrete. And there are is also chemical resistant paint for wood, steel and metal. All have in common that they protect against the most common (and aggressive) acids. Furthermore it can make a substrate:

Acid Resistant Coating on Concrete

There are specially formulated acid resistant coating designed for application to concrete where extreme chemical resistance is required for both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. It resists a wide range of acid spills including concentrated sulphuric acid, as well as alkali’s and solvents. Prime Coat 4300 from Novolac is resistant up to 98% sulfuric acid, 70% nitric acid. It comes in 1,5 gallon units. 3M’s Scotchkote coating is also resistant to 98% sulfuric acid, 36% hydrochloric acid and also 75% Phosphoric Acid.

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