powder coating edmonton skyline

Powder coating Edmonton

Increase durability by powder coating Powder coating is one of the most durable coatings used in industrial, commercial and even consumer applications. Not only are they tough but also extremely decorative giving a complete freedom of choice…
powder coating winnipeg skyline

Powder coating Winnipeg

Powder coating - not only protective but also decorative Powder coating is one of the most popular industrial coatings, also in Winnipeg. This is mainly due to their excellent ability to protect metals from corrosion. However, they are also…
chemical resistant coating

Chemical Resistant Coating Canada

Chemical & Acid Resistant Coating in Canada Chemical resistant coating, sometimes referred as anti chemical coating or acid resistant coating, is used as a protective paint on objects against aggressive chemicals and substances. It is also…
anti-corrosion coating

Anti Corrosion Coating

The Growing Demand of Anti Corrosion Coating & Paint Anti corrosion coating (also referred to as corrosion resistant paint) is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Anti corrosion coating comes in liquid form (paint, spray and so on)…
anti slip coating

Anti Slip Paint & Coating

Anti Slip Paint in Canada The purpose of anti slip coating, or non-skid paint, is to prevent people from slipping, falling and injuring themselves. There are two types of non-skid paint applications. Firstly, the coating itself may contain…
Nano coated fabric, nano coating Canada

Nano Coating Canada

A seamless barrier thanks to nano coating  Nano coating is based on nanotechnology and it can be dirt or water repellent, scratch proof, conductive, insulating, temperature-resistant or wettable. These coatings are often used for finishing…
indestructible paint

Indestructible Paint

How Indestructible Paint Works Indestructible paint is a paint (or coating) that prevents materials, equipment, vehicles, objects and even structures from the harshest of elements. It provides a protective coating on the surface of materials…
Ice proof coating

Anti-Ice Coating

The Coating that Repels Ice: Anti Ice Coating A kind of coating that repels ice, snow, frost, water, sleet and rain is called anti-ice coating. You can use it in extreme freezing temperatures of up to -50 degrees. Also, you can apply it over…
powder coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Canada Powder coating is a method by which surfaces are covered with dry powder. Powder coating does not need a solvent for keeping filler parts and binder in a liquid form. This makes it even more sustainable than some water…
Concorde in the air

New Coating Gets Us Closer To Hypersonic Air Travel

Want to fly from Vancouver to London under 3 hours? This new coating might do the trick for you. The development of a new kind of ceramic capable of resisting insanely high temperatures would eliminate a major obstacle blocking the path to…
garage floor coating

Garage floor coating Canada

Garage (Self Leveling) Floor Coatings Canada When you picture a smooth garage floor you are probably visualizing a self leveling (or self smoothing) garage floor coating. It is, namely, the most often used floor type in the garage. Self leveling…
kashima coating

Kashima Coating

Kashima Coating and Kashima Coating Services Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes. An ideal coating not only absorbs shocks but also withstands high pressure. They found the solution in…
Roof coating

Roof Coating Canada

Roof & Fillcoat Coating Roof coating is a protective coating which extends the durability of new roofs and are suitable for repairing roof damage. Year after year, your roof takes a beating Especially in Canada these Roofcoatings are in…
chemical resistant coating for tanks and tank linings

Tank Coating and Tank Lining Canada

Protect tanks with Tank Coating and Tank Lining Almost all cargo tanks and storage tanks in Canada are constructed from mild steel (also known as plain-carbon steel). Steel corrodes and also needs to be protected against the carriage of aggressive…
seed coating companies in Canada

Seed coating companies in Canada

Seed coating companies in Canada There are many local seed coating companies in Canada. Fields change, weeds adapt, temperatures fluctuate. As they do, products need to change too. That’s why many seed coating companies in Canada place innovation…
Coating Canada

Garage Floor Coating Toronto

Garage floor coating companies Toronto See our overview of garage floor coating companies in Toronto. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Know more Floor Coating Companies in Toronto? Contact…
solar window coating

Solar Window coating

Solar Windows and Applications with Solar Glass Solar window coating or solar power coating for windows is a transparent coating, made up of photovoltaic organic compounds which produce solar energy from both sunlight and artificial light.…
yacht coating

Yacht Coating

Yacht Paint & Coating Solutions in Canada Boat owners in Canada are often concerned with the protection and appearance of their boats. Therefore, yacht coating systems are designed to protect the boats while allowing appearance alterations.…
automotive coating

Automotive Coating Canada

Car & Automotive Coating:  Automotive coating, or sometimes referred as car coating, car paint, automotive or vehicle paint, are those applied on cars, motorcycles, trailers, vans etc. Automotive coating is applied during production of…
aerospace coating

Aerospace Coating Canada

Aerospace Coating in Canada Aerospace coating, or sometimes referred as aircraft paint, aircraft coating or aviation coating, include coatings for commercial and business aviation as well as for military air market, satellites and launch vehicles.…
Fire retardant paint Vancouver

Fire Retardant Paint Vancouver

Intumescent & Fire Retardant Paint Vancouver In this post we will discuss local information about intumescent & fire retardant paint Vancouver. Fire retardant paint is paint or a coating that tends to swell when heated (such as when…
City of Ottawa
wood coating

Wood coating

Wood Coating Applications Wood coating, also called wood finishes are one of the biggest concerns of wood workers. “What could be the best finish for my current project?” is the most overheard or overthought question of wood workers. Wood…
anti-graffiti coating

Anti Graffiti Coating Canada

Anti Graffiti Coatings in Canada Anti graffiti coating helps repel graffiti from hard surfaces. In general, anti graffiti coatings are suitable for many surfaces where graffiti painters often strike. Wood, concrete & metal. The benefits…
anti-radar paint

Anti-Radar Paint Canada

 Anti-radar paint; effective disguise? Anti-radar paint or stealth coating is a special coating which absorbs radiation as effectively as possible. If the anti-radar paint is effective, the level of reflected radiation is low. This phenomenon…
antimicrobial coating

Antimicrobial coating

What is antimicrobial coating? The demand for antimicrobial coating is constantly increasing. This is primarily due to their vast applications, particularly in the health care industry. The purpose of antimicrobial coatings is to prevent microorganism…
primer, sealer and finish

Primers, sealers and finishes

Primers, sealers and the perfect finish As many know, a perfect finish often requires several layers of different products. The first layer applied on untreated surface is often a sealer or a primer paint. If one is applied, the other one is…
fire retardant coating

Fire retardant coating and paint in Canada

Protect structures with fire retardant paint Fire retardant coating refers to a coating product which prevents surfaces from catching fire or slows down the burning time. This type of coating falls under the category of protective coatings,…
Deck coating Vancouver

Deck coating Vancouver

Yes, there are lots of ways to waterproof your deck. It's not just vinyl, or interlocking aluminum or under deck drainage systems but liquid materials that are designed specifically as a wood deck coating. These can be rubberized or resin based.…
Anti corrosion coating Toronto

Anti Corrosion Coating Toronto

Looking for anti corrosion coating Toronto? You have come to the right place! Anti corrosion coating (sometimes referred corrosion resistant coating), as the name implies, is a type of coating that prevents surfaces from getting corroded. As…
Marine coating

Marine Paint canada

Marine paint - All paints for ships and boats The term marine coating covers coatings for all sizes and ships of boats and ships. The marine coatings can be divided into those designed for consumer market and those applied in cruising ships,…
Graffiti prevention coating

Graffiti Prevention Coating Canada

In Canada, graffiti causes a lot of unnecessary costs in terms of removal. Even though most of the Canadian people find that some graffiti is acceptable and it can even be a form of art, there simply are places where graffiti does not belong.…

Powder coating Vancouver

Powder coating companies Vancouver See our overview of powder coating companies in Vancouver. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.
The Maman applied with powder coating in Ottawa
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Powder coating Ottawa

Protect and decorate with powder coating Powder coating is a popular solution in Ottawa to protect everything from snow plows and blowers to computer parts and rims. Besides the protection the powder coating offers, it's also a great way to…
Vancouver Skyline

Anti Graffiti Coating in Vancouver

Anti Graffiti Coating in Vancouver Out of our global experience we can tell you that you are lucky if you end up on this article. Simply since Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world related to graffiti clean up & protection. The…
City of Ottawa

Anti Graffiti Coating Ottawa & Toronto Area

Anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa and Toronto See our overview of anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Ottawa Anti Graffiti and mural Program The…

Intumescent paint Vancouver

Intumescent paint companies in Vancouver See our overview of intumescent paint companies in Vancouver. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.
Coating Canada

Intumescent paint Toronto

Intumescent paint companies in Toronto See our overview of intumescent paint companies in Toronto. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Also check our total overview: Intumescent paint in…

Intumescent paint Ottawa

Intumescent paint companies in Ottawa See our overview of intumescent paint companies in Ottawa. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.  

Anti graffiti coating Edmonton

Also in Edmonton is graffiti an act of vandalism and a criminal offence when placed on public or private property without the owner’s consent. If not removed, graffiti can lead to more acts of graffiti vandalism and create an environment in…