polyurethane coating in an offshore environment on oil rigs

Polyurethane Coating Canada

Durable high-gloss finish with polyurethane coating A polyurethane coating  (PU paint) is a hard-wearing, highly-resistant coating used in industrial and architectural coating systems for steelwork, concrete, wood, and other substrates. It…
fluoropolymer coatings support hydraulics in cranes

Fluoropolymer coatings Canada

Fluoropolymer coatings - the thin film, non-stick coatings The modern non-stick surface was invented entirely by accident. In 1938, Roy Plunkett was busy working on a new chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant for DuPont when an experiment yielded…
Mixing two component epoxy coating in a paint tin

Epoxy coating Canada

Epoxy Coating - the coating of choice for industrial applications An epoxy coating is a thermosetting polymer which uses an epoxy resin as its binder. Epoxy coatings usually come in two components which are combined and mixed prior to application.…
spraying a metal piece using industrial coating equipment

Industrial Coating Equipment Canada

Optimise your coating process with the right industrial coating equipment Every industrial and commercial company that applies coatings either as service or as a standard part of production, automatically also deals with strict regulations…
antifouling paint applied on boat hulls in canada

Antifouling paint

Protect your vessel with antifouling paint & save in fuel costs By volume, 80% of global trade is conducted on our oceans; in Canada this includes for example cruising vessels, fishing boats and cargo ships. Our maritime industry continues…
orange decorative coating on interior wall with paint cans

Decorative coating Canada

Decorative coating to make the world beautiful From the white lead wall paint to the groovy colours of the swinging sixties, we love to decorate. On a grey gloomy morning there is nothing quite like a splash of colour to lift the spirits. As…
vehicle refinish for after the crash

Vehicle refinish | Car repair paint

Vehicle refinish repairs and decorates Vehicle refinish is not just for hotrods and racing stripes. Refinish paints are applied to vehicles as part of a total refinish, part refinish, or as a touch-up measure. Vehicle refinish is also an important…
automotive underbody coatings protect vehicle from nature

Automotive Underbody Coatings

Don't forget the bottom - automotive underbody coatings So much attention is given to the coating and paintwork of the visible aspects of a vehicle that those unseen places get overlooked. The underbody is one such place. Underbody coatings…
automotive plastic coatings in a car interior

Automotive interior coatings | Plastic coatings

Automotive interior coatings make a durable, touchable interior Plastics are being used more and more in the automotive industry to make vehicles safer and more efficient. The average vehicle today is 8% plastic parts by weight, and given that…
black automotive coating on a toyota

Automotive Coating Canada

Protective yet decorative automotive coating for durability and looks The automotive coating industry is far larger than which colour to paint your car. Every surface in a vehicle from the bodywork and under body to the exhaust and even the…
ceramic coating for cars has made the surface easy to clean

Ceramic coating for cars Canada

Ceramic coating for cars does wonders for protection & shine Trying to keep a car looking brand-new can be expensive, and end up feeling like endless work. All that washing and waxing feels futile when a bird finds its target ten minutes…
Coating consultancy company helping with building design

Coating consultancy Canada

Secure success with professional coating consultancy DIscovering the wide range of available coatings and finding the right one for a specified project is not as straightforward as one might think. It is not simply a matter of choosing a paint…
white Concrete paint being applied on a wall with a roller

Concrete Paint Canada

Concrete paint gives constructions a longer life Concrete has been used in construction literally, for millennia. It is the reason for the survival of so many historical buildings and monuments which use concrete in their construction. However, unprotected…
indestructible paint in a tank for military use

Indestructible Paint

Protect almost anything with literally indestructible paint What do the Pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the North Sea, and bulletproof vests have in common? The answer is indestructible paint. Indestructible paint came to fame as…
Anti reflective coating applied together with anti glare coating on glasses

Anti glare & anti reflective coating Canada

Goodbye to annoying reflections and glare - anti reflective coating Glass is everywhere in our daily lives. From the displays and touchscreens we use to the windows that protect us from the elements in our homes and vehicles, we look at or…
water resistant coating repelling water from a surface

Water resistant coating Canada

Water resistant coating for protecting products & securing processes Water resistance is a characteristic expected of many consumer goods, from electronics to shoes and fabrics. It is also required from industrial machinery and architectural…
swimming pool coating applied on a concrete pool

Swimming Pool coating Canada

Hygiene, safety and durability with swimming pool coating In Canada there is an ever-increasing number of pools: not only are there spas with indoor and outdoor pools, but also private pools of all sizes. The public pools must comply to strict…
Chemical resistant coating on blue barrels

Chemical Resistant Coating & Acid Resistant Paint Canada

Chemical resistant coating provides superior substrate protection Almost all coatings will be exposed to chemicals and acids at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not…
Marine paint applied on a cargo vessel

Marine Paint Canada

Marine paint provides protection to you and your vessel The term “marine paint” covers a class of coatings all intended for use in the marine segment. These coatings include antifouling paints, deck paints, anti slip paints, bilge paint,…
black liquid rubber coating on white surface

Rubber Coating Canada

Liquid rubber coating protects and seals surfaces Liquid rubber coating has been on the market for years now, but recent technological advances have both improved and expanded the range of rubber coatings available. While traditionally liquid…
powder coating

Powder Coating

A guide to powder coating Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down…
anti slip paint for wood decking

Anti Slip Paint Canada

Anti slip paint for preventing accidents and increasing safety Slips and trips are a serious problem, both at home and in the workplace. In Canada, slips and trips account for the most workplace injuries, and a great deal of accidents involve…
car powder coating costs

Powder coating costs Canada

All you need to know about powder coating costs So you are curious for powder coating costs. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims or wheels powder coated, or are looking to apply it yourself, you have come to the right…
polyurea coating in industrial environment

Polyurea coating Canada

Polyurea coating for heavy duty protection Polyurea coating has been on the Canadian market since the 1980's, but its durability, flexibility, and versatility means that new applications for this coating are being found all the time. It is…
powder coating edmonton skyline

Powder coating Edmonton

Increase durability by powder coating Powder coating is one of the most durable coatings used in industrial, commercial and even consumer applications. Not only are they tough but also extremely decorative giving a complete freedom of choice…
Fire retardant paint Vancouver

Fire Retardant Paint Vancouver

Intumescent & Fire Retardant Paint Vancouver In this post we will discuss local information about intumescent & fire retardant paint Vancouver. Fire retardant paint is paint or a coating that tends to swell when heated (such as when…
powder coating winnipeg skyline

Powder coating Winnipeg

Powder coating - not only protective but also decorative Powder coating is one of the most popular industrial coatings, also in Winnipeg. This is mainly due to their excellent ability to protect metals from corrosion. However, they are also…
Food and beverage hygiene coating check up

Food and beverage hygiene coating

Food and beverage Hygiene Coating contributes to food safety The food and beverage industry is one of the most regulated sectors in Canada. It must obey strict quality, safety and sanitary regulations for employees, processes, and environments.…
fire resistant paint damps flames

Fire resistant paint

Fire resistant paint and what you need to know about it Fire resistant paint, or other fireproof construction and lining materials, have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, public buildings, parking garages and…
Anti pee paint for areas where public urination is a problem

Anti pee paint Canada

Combat public urination and protect your property with anti pee paint Public urination is an offence punishable with a fine here in Canada, but this does not seem to be deterring the offenders, as a stroll through any city on a Sunday morning…
elastomeric roof coating on metal roof in canada

Elastomeric roof coating Canada

Elastomeric roof coating extends the life of your roof A roof is one of the most important parts of a house or other building. It protects the interior from the seasons, wind, sun, snow, and rain. Your roof needs to be a solid barrier between…
Coating Canada

Intumescent paint Toronto

Intumescent paint companies in Toronto See our overview of intumescent paint companies in Toronto. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Also check our total overview: Intumescent paint in…

Intumescent paint Ottawa

Intumescent paint companies in Ottawa See our overview of intumescent paint companies in Ottawa. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.  
garage floor coating

Garage floor coating Canada

Garage (Self Leveling) Floor Coatings Canada When you picture a smooth garage floor you are probably visualizing a self leveling (or self smoothing) garage floor coating. It is, namely, the most often used floor type in the garage. Self leveling…
fire retardant coating

Fire retardant coating and paint in Canada

Protect structures with fire retardant paint Fire retardant coating refers to a coating product which prevents surfaces from catching fire or slows down the burning time. This type of coating falls under the category of protective coatings,…
high heat paint against the temperature of the flames

High Heat Paint Canada

High heat paint for protection from high temperatures When a substrate is subject to heat and rapid, extreme temperature fluctuations, it can lead to surface breakage, coating failure and corrosion. Electrical and engine components, chimneys…
fire resistant coating for steel slows down burning of the roof

Fire resistant coating for steel

Why fire resistant coating for steel is necessary Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a tough and strong construction material, used in buildings across Canada. However, this strength is challenged…
The Maman applied with powder coating in Ottawa
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Powder coating Ottawa

Protect and decorate with powder coating Powder coating is a popular solution in Ottawa to protect everything from snow plows and blowers to computer parts and rims. Besides the protection the powder coating offers, it's also a great way to…
City of Ottawa
City of Ottawa

Anti Graffiti Coating Ottawa & Toronto Area

Anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa and Toronto See our overview of anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Ottawa Anti Graffiti and mural Program The…