Fire retardant coating and paint in Canada

fire retardant coating

Protect structures with fire retardant paint

Fire retardant coating refers to a coating product which prevents surfaces from catching fire or slows down the burning time. This type of coating falls under the category of protective coatings, for it protects surfaces from burning. There are two types of fire resistant coatings, fire retardant and intumescent coating, which both increase safety and reduce fire hazard. Nevertheless, they work in different ways: in case of fire, intumescent paint swells and forms a protective foam layer whereas fire retardant paint releases flame dampening gas.

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Fire retardant coating is applicable on most structural construction materials such as:

  • Wood
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard)
  • Brick and stone
  • Plaster
  • Metal
  • Concrete

Fire retardant coatings are additionally suitable for doors, cladding, floors, walls and ceilings. The coatings can be applied in interiors and exteriors also on already painted surfaces. Furthermore, fire retardant paint is available as clear coat and in different colours and glosses from matte to high-gloss including metallic shades.

Intumescent Paint in Canada

Intumescent products are made of a series of chemicals suspended in a binder. When the binder is exposed to heat it begins to soften, which allows the suspended chemicals to the heat. The chemicals begin to react, which releases vapors that create a foam. A carbonization occurs and the foam solidifies into a black insulating material that is often referred to as char.

There are two things you must watch out for if you want to apply Intumescent Paint:

  1. The finish is not perfectly smooth – rather, a slight orange-peel effect is achieved. This is very similar to the roller knap finish that you get on wall board. However, some architects are disappointed with the final finish because they expect to see a smooth finish that looks like the perfectly smooth steel.
  2. If you are unhappy with the orange peel look, you can require a smoother finish in the specifications for the intumescent coating. The fireproofing contractor is able to sand the finish prior to the decorative coat to achieve a smoother finish, but this is somewhat costly due to the additional labor required.

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Fire retardant coating for wood

fire retardant coating for wood

difference with and without coating applied

Fire resistant coatings for wood prevent wood surfaces from catching hazardous fires. Nevertheless, these coatings do not completely prevent wood from burning but significantly reduce the speed of burning. This increases safety and reduces human damages caused by fire. Such coatings can be applied on wooden surfaces of houses, buildings and fences. Applying flame retardant coatings contributes also to passive fire-fighting which includes methods of containing and preventing fire from spreading to nearby areas.

As you may know, wood can easily catch fire and it burns rather fast. Fire resistant coatings are almost necessary in Canada for wood is the most common building material of Canadian houses. A little accident becomes quickly a serious hazard if noticing it takes time. Nowadays, applying fire retardant coatings has even higher significance due to ever growing number of electrical appliances in households. applying these coatings can be a smart move to protect yourself from dangerous situations. The fire retardant coatings for wood are additionally suitable for wooden furniture and interiors.

Fire retardant coating for steel

Whereas wood burns fast when catching fire, metal loses its structure in extremely high temperatures. Therefore, it is crucial to protect metal surfaces from heating up in case of fire. The most common construction metal is steel which can be coated with fire resistant or retardant paint. Flame Retardant coating for steel is used on structural steel to ensure that it does not catch fire and the building does not collapse. Protecting steel structures with fire retardant paint is often not as effective as using intumescent coatings which insulate the metal and protect it from heating.

Industries become more vulnerable for many fire hazards. Consequently, intumescent coatings and flame retardant paints have become a norm in these industries. The heat produced in steel mills and other manufacturing industries can easily result in catastrophic fires. Therefore, there are minimum standards for building industries. These standards pertain to the fire endurance of structures. Such standards can therefore be met with convenience by applying fire-resistant coating so as to make structures somewhat fire-resistant.

fire retardant coating example

Where to buy fire retardant coating in Canada?

There is a number of fire retardant coating providers in Canada. Flame Control is one of them providing a range of different fire resistant coatings. Pink Shield is another provider with a variety of protective paints.

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