Garage floor coating Canada

garage floor coating

Garage (Self Leveling) Floor Coatings Canada

When you picture a smooth garage floor you are probably visualizing a self leveling (or self smoothing) garage floor coating. It is, namely, the most often used floor type in the garage. Self leveling epoxy garage floor coating is an excellent overlay for uneven garage floors, for it can repair run-down concrete and can withstand chemicals and oil spills. An epoxy garage floor coating is based on a polymer mixture of resin and hardener. By mixing the two compounds with a catalyst, a molecular chain becomes active. This starts an exothermic reaction which results in a smooth, flat and glossy (self smoothing) texture overlay on any floor. Time to get into the less complex part of garage floor coatings.

The Coloring of the Floor Coatings

Different types of Garage Floor Coatings

Normally (80% of the cases) you coat a garage floor in a ‘grey / charcoal’ way, however there are various options to choose from. Beige / Rustic Red, etc. (see image on the right) Our advice is always to take ‘a greyish color’ for your floor coatings.

Known Epoxy Floor Garage Floor Coating Brands

There are many brands / garage floor paints available for effective floor coating, here we collected the best known ones out of the market:

  • Rustoleum Epoxy Shield)
  • Armor Coat (epoxy Garage floor coating)
  • Sikkens Wapex 660
  • Sigmafloor Aqua 2K
  • Sigma S2U Satin
  • International Interprotect
  • Vanopax Coating
  • Rocksolid Floor Coating
  • Solignum garage floor paint
  • Weber Floor Epoxy
  • Epifanes Interimcoat

Epoxy Shield – Garage Floor Coating

If you look at garage floor coatings in Canada: Rust Oleum offers a complete garage floor epoxy coating kit called Epoxyshield for $125,- (this covers 250 sq ft, approximately a one-car garage). It applies in one easy coat and protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt, hot tire pick-up and cracking and is:

  • Durable
  • Indoor use only
  • No hot tire pick-up
  • Maximum chemical and stain resistance
  • No muriatic acid etching
  • Water-Based
  • Low odour
  • Environmentally friendly

Rustoleum garage floor epoxy reviews are mostly positive. Some customers are very happy with the result and point out that a proper floor prepaparation is important. They say that the coating passes Canadian winters with flying colors and that an additive with non skid properties could be useful if the garage floor gets wet from melted snow on the tires. Always follow the instructions and prepare the floor accordingly. In this video you can watch Rust Oleum Epoxyshield garage floor coating instructions.


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