Indestructible Paint

indestructible paint

How Indestructible Paint Works

Indestructible paint is a paint (or coating) that prevents materials, equipment, vehicles, objects and even structures from the harshest of elements. It provides a protective coating on the surface of materials which makes them resistant to external damage. It is possible to apply it on any surface or object.

The Chemical concoction that ‘creates’ Indestructible Paint

Indestructible coating is an amazing chemical concoction that almost binds onto any material. On applying, the paint or coating forms a strong molecular bond with the surface. It adds a layer of toughness and protection on the object. The coating is actually thin but provides a virtually impenetrable shield. It’s an excellent option if you want to achieve impeccable & indestructible results.

15 Reasons to buy and make use of Indestructible Plaint

  1. It efficiently safeguards materials against damage
  2. Indestructible paints provide abrasion resistance
  3. It has long lasting durability (very useful to apply also on Cars)
  4. It’s adhesion properties are excellent
  5. Coated structures remain flexible & strong in absorbing impact or force of any kind
  6. These paints have limitless application potential
  7. They are also very resilient
  8. Another property includes non-inflammability
  9. They work well in water applications too
  10. Provide UV protection as well
  11. Indestructible paint helps in sound abatement
  12. It also possesses vibration damping properties
  13. Increases product durability
  14. Improves operational efficiencies
  15. Above all, it boosts end-user satisfaction


The Toughness of Indistructible Paint Explained:

This particular coating can withstand tensile strengths up to 6,600 PSI. Moreover, it can resist tearing up to & exceeding 780 lbs. per inch. SO, without any doubt, indestructible paint is tough stuff. It’s proven to be impact resistant, abrasion resistant, water tight and also fire retardant. It’s a complete package.


Future Application Potential

Indestructible coatings could help protect public buildings from natural disasters and also from man-made explosions. Aircrafts could also have an extra barrier against blasts. It’s future applications seem endless and this could save many lives from unpredictable damage. It is speculated to be one of the strongest coating which is resistant to almost anything or any kind of force. Future developments could see this coating become and industry standard in construction and engineering procedures.

Where to buy these awesome products 🙂 

Indestructible Paint, Inc. has been supplying and marketing special coatings for industrial usage. The product can be ordered online or can be purchased on retail. Expect to pay up to CAD 600 for 5 liter Can. Line-X is made by an American manufacturer and available through their website on and for locations in Canada you can use their location finder.


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