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The term marine coating covers coatings for all sizes and ships of boats and ships. The marine coatings can be divided into those designed for consumer market and those applied in cruising ships, tankers and tugboats.

Moreover, there are two groups of marine coating applications: coatings for topside (including decks), above the waterline and antifouling coatings for the bottom (under water). Antifouling coatings are developed mainly for protecting the ship bottoms from microorganisms which might hinder the performance of the ship.

Topside marine coating

Topside marine coating systems are used for the parts of the ship that are above the waterline. These surfaces are not under water, hence the coatings must have different properties from antifouling paint. The topsides must endure all kinds of weather conditions and occasional exposure to sea water. The marine coating system must endure the cold and heavy weather conditions on the open water in and around Canada and the heat and calm waters in other countries or places in the world. Therefore, the most important characteristics of marine coating include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • UV protection
  • Durability in any weather conditions
  • Gloss and color retention

The topside coating must, above all, protect the ship from weather and corrosion. Nevertheless, it also has a decorative function. The topside is the part of the ship which is visible. Therefore, for example, cruise ships present the company logo on the topside. The coating must thus be aesthetically appropriate and possible to paint over.

Marine coating for all decks in Canada

Also ship decks must endure different weather conditions and resist UV radiation. Additionally, the decks must be able to withstand high mechanical loads depending on the type of ship. The ships must also be safe for passengers and employees. Therefore, some safety coatings are applicable:

  • Anti slip coatings
  • Fire retardant coatings

Most marine coating paint for decks are two component epoxy or latex systems. It is also possible to apply clear coats and protective coatings on the deck coating.

Applying marine coating

Marin coating applications can take place during ship building or as maintenance on sea or drydock. On sea applications are often minor changes on or reparation of the topside coating. Bigger maintenance jobs and antifouling applications must be done on drydock.

The video clip shows the time-lapse of transformation of a cruise ship including re-applying antifouling and topside coatings.



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