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Nano coated fabric, nano coating Canada

A seamless barrier thanks to nano coating 

Nano coating is based on nanotechnology and it can be dirt or water repellent, scratch proof, conductive, insulating, temperature-resistant or wettable. These coatings are often used for finishing simple materials and imparting specific properties in accordance with requirements.

The tiny nano particles in a nano coating bond and become one with the coated surface, instead of laying on top of it.

This process results in a seamless barrier from within the surface, which makes the substrate hydrophobic and easy to clean.

A coating for every substrate

The different types of coatings based on nano technology are common in industrial applications for example in the textile, automotive, aerospace, electronics and general consumer goods industries. Also, they are suitable for applications in building and construction

Application methods:

  1. Industrial: Polish or spray-coating
  2. Manual: Application with linen or microfiber cloth.

The manual application of coating with nano technology has become the number one used coating on cars in combination with the hydrophobic advantages.

The benefits of nano coating

The most common use is rendering a material super-hydrophobic. This means that the surface becomes completely water and oil repellent. It also offers a secondary benefit of preventing the accumulation of water, which is a food source for bacteria and fungi, as well as the main cause of corrosion.

Following you can find the benefits of nano coating:

  1. Resistance to temperature changes
  2. High abrasion resistance
  3. Invisibility for the human eye
  4. Non-Toxicity & food safety
  5. High durability & ease to clean

Local nano coating specialists in Canada

There are different manufacturers for coatings based on nano technology, each specializing in a different industry. Find coating companies specialized in nano in the following list:

Nano Coating Company Canada Specialization
Automotive industry
Get Detailed Automotive industry (ceramic nano technology)
Nano TechWood, metal, marine, glass, stone, anti-graffiti and more
UnicoatingsProtective and cosmetic coatings
Car Care ShoppeAutomotive industry

Please contact us when you need advice about the best nano coating specialist for your project, we are more than happy to help!

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