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anti slip coating

Anti Slip Paint in Canada

The purpose of anti slip coating, or non-skid paint, is to prevent people from slipping, falling and injuring themselves. There are two types of non-skid paint applications. Firstly, the coating itself may contain particles which make the surface rough. Secondly, a clear coat can be applied first and the particles added later. Anti slip coatings are suitable for example for metal, concrete and wood surfaces. In Canada Anti Slip Paint is mostly used on Wooden surfaces, though also on Metal you see more and more anti slip applications.

Anti Slip Coating on Wood is getting better and better

Wood tends to be a slippery surface at least when it is wet. Therefore, an non-skid coating solution on wood can remarkably increase safety and reduce painful slippages and falls. Anti slip solutions are suitable for all types of wood inside and out. In addition to making the surface rougher, non-skid paint can:

  • repel water from the surface
  • protect from UV radiation
  • extend the life expectancy of the surface


anti slip coating for wood

Anti slip solution applied on wooden surface


Non-skid Coating / Anti Slip Paint on Metal Surfaces

Non skid coatings are practically suitable for any metal surface. Anti-slip coating for metal is usually a two component system where rubber beads or granular components are added onto the surface to roughen it. Most of the systems do not contain solvents and thus, have low VOC values making the systems more eco-friendly. Additionally, the non-skid paint is water and dirt repellent making the surface easy to clean. Furthermore, it is almost odourless, resistant to chemicals and suitable for heavy mechanical loads. Nevertheless, anti slip coating for metal has a rather long drying time compared to similar systems for other materials. The surface only becomes chemical resistant once the coating is completely dry.

Everyone safe on board? Use anti slip coating!

For boat owners an anti slip coating system can be very useful. Whereas antifouling paint is a must, anti slip coating should be as well! Boat decks are often slippery when exposed to water but people must still be able to walk safely across the deck. Therefore, a non-skid system can prevent many accidents from occurring. The coating can be applied where seen fit.

anti slip coating for boats

Non skid paint on a boat surface

Buying anti slip coating or non-skid paint in Canada

With the increasing demand for anti slip coating and non-skid coatings, a number of vendors have sprung up to provide such products. Non-skid safety Canada is a quality provider that one can buy from. Of course Canadian Tire has it on the shelves as well. Additionally, there are other paint manufacturers who offer similar products. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on anti slip systems.

Looking for prices or a custom made quote for anti slip coating, non-skid paint?

Feel free to ask for a quote or multiple quotes to compare from one of our partners. Please make sure to send as many details of the project or surface as possible, this helps tremendously in making a sharp offer.

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