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Photoluminescent paint – make anything glow in the dark

Photoluminescent paint makes painted structures and equipment glow in the dark or in low-light areas. It is also called glow paint, glow in the dark paint, luminous paint, strontium aluminate paint, or luminescent paint. Photoluminescent paint is composed of a binding resin and a pigment –  the pigment, usually strontium aluminate or copper-activated zinc sulfide, is what makes the paint glow. This works because the pigment absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation, light) which cause a degree of excitation which is observed as the emission of light. The resin can be anything from acrylic to epoxy depending on the end use of the coating and the durability needed. The paint can glow up to ten years if it is exposed to light on a regular basis. Use photoluminescent paint to light your way through the long dark, Canadian winter nights.

In this article we look at luminescent paint, how it is applied, and where to find products in Canada.

Photoluminescent paint is used for emergency exit lighting.

Emergency exit lighting is just one use of photoluminescent paint as a safety measure.

Why use a luminescent paint?

A luminescent paint looks cool, but there are other reasons why you might apply one. There have a wide range of applications in industry, including floor markings, exit signs, fire and safety equipment signs, stairwell markings, and more. Luminescent paint is:

  • Safety lighting – Photoluminescent paint will glow for many hours after even a short amount of exposure to light. Photoluminescent paint for road markings, security lighting on emergency exits, machinery, and safety equipment provides a reliable light source.
  • Ecofriendly – It is non-toxic, low- or zero-VOC, and not radioactive.
  • Cost-effective – It costs nothing to run this lighting, and you don’t need to buy batteries to make it glow. The paint will continue to absorb and emit light for years without maintenance.

3 steps to luminescent paint application

Luminescent paint is available as pre-mixed coating or as a photoluminescent powder which is mixed into an appropriate paint (such as a durable epoxy).

Whether you are using brush, spray, or roller application, there are really only three basic steps:

  1. Prepare the substrate according to the application instructions (usually making sure that it is clean, dry, and free from contaminants).
  2. Apply one layer of white paint as primer, or yellow paint if daylight visibility is also important. This primer allows the glow of the paint to be more visible.
  3. Stir the photoluminescent paint evenly before applying, or follow the specific photoluminescent powder instructions. Apply the paint evenly across the surface – vertical surfaces may require thinner coats. The thicker the coats the brighter the glow.

Types of photoluminescent paint

  • Photoluminescent water-based acrylic paint
    This is an eco-friendly product. It’s non-toxic and has good weathering resistance along with satisfactory luminous effect. This paint can be used on cement, metals, wood and plastic etc.
  • Photoluminescent acrylic road marking paint
    This type of photo luminescent paint is usually applied to road markings, subway lines, parking lots. It has good adhesion properties & also possesses excellent ground resistance.
  • Photoluminescent acrylic metal paint
    This paint has application on the surface of tools, construction machinery and equipment. For better results, you should use white paint coat as primer below the glow paint.
  • Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint
    This is a solvent free, eco-friendly paint. It is recommended to use white paint as primer before applying glow paint. The surface dry time is 4 hours whereas the whole paint dries in 24 hours.

Photoluminescent paint manufacturers and products in Canada

There are a range of photoluminescent paint manufacturers who provide their products for a Canadian market. Below is a list of just a few, and the different luminescent paint products they sell.

Photoluminescent paint companyPhotoluminescent Products
AllureglowGlow in the dark screen printing inks, photoluminescent safety paints, photoluminescent paint for road markings
Ambient Glow TechnologyPhotoluminescent glow sand for inclusion in concrete, stucco, grout and more. Fine glow sand for addition to epoxies and metallic coatings.
Core GlowGlow in the dark paints and powders for security and decoration
EverGlowEverGlow TL300 Epoxy Coating with safety grade photoluminescent pigments
GloNationGlow in the dark paints and photoluminescent powders

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