Photo luminescent paint

photoluminescent paint

What is photoluminescent paint?

This special coating system makes painted structures and equipment glow in the dark or in low-light areas. It is also named as glow paint, glow in the dark paint, luminous paint or photoluminescent paint. It’s a kind of environmental friendly alkaline based acrylic paint. It’s made up of strontium aluminate. This unique coating can be charged by UV light or visible light. After getting charged, it releases ‘energy’ in the form of glowing in darker areas for hours. However, its brightness will dim gradually. You can charge it again by exposing to light so that it can re-absorb energy and start re glowing. The paint can glow up to ten years after getting recharged on regular basis.

Why use photoluminescent paint?

  • Long afterglow for safety purpose

    photoluminescent paint road

    Used for roads

When it fully absorbs ambient light (either UV light or visible light) for about 15 to 30 minutes, the photo luminescent paint can glow for many hours. However, note that, different colors have different luminance. Yellow-green/sky-blue/blue-green have the best effect.

Make roads safer in the dark or illuminate hall ways to guide people to a nearby exit.

  • Ecofriendly; it is non-toxic, completely harmless, non-inflammable as well as non-radioactive. If desired, you can use it as face paint or body paint for a short period of time.
  • Cost-effective; you don’t need to buy batteries for making it glow.
  • Energy saver; no battery backup required. It is maintenance free.
  • Color options; overall, there are 12 colors available. You can choose from these options depending on your specific requirement.
  • Re-usable; this special paint absorbs & emits light repeatedly. You can use it for almost 10 years.
  • Stable chemical and physical properties

Application rules for photoluminescent paint

If you are using brush, spray or roll, follow these two steps:

  1. Apply one layer of ordinary white paint as primer.
  2. Stir thephoto luminescent paint evenly before applying. Coat it over the white primer. This will confirm good adhesion between the two layers. Moreover, glowing effect will be enhanced by 40%.

Types of photoluminescent paint

  • Photoluminescent water based acrylic paint

Its an ecofriendly product. It’s non-toxic and has good weathering resistance along with satisfactory luminous effect. This paint can be used on cement, metals, wood and plastic etc.

  • Photoluminescent acrylic road marking paint

This type of photo luminescent paint is usually applied to road markings, subway lines, parking lots. It has good adhesion properties & also possesses excellent ground resistance.

  • Photoluminescent acrylic metal paint

This paint has application on the surface of tools, construction machinery and equipment. For better results, you should use white paint coat as primer below the glow paint.

  • Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint

This is a solvent free, eco-friendly paint. It is recommended to use white paint as primer before apply

photoluminescent paint

In case of an emergency

ing glow paint. The surface dry time is 4 hours whereas the whole paint dries up in 24 hours.

Manufacturers of photoluminescent paint

  • Neutral Glow Paint
  • Color The Dark
  • No Skidding Products Inc.
  • Photoled Inc.
  • PictoGraphix Inc.
  • Alchini Group
  • Ambient Glow Technology


Price of photoluminescent paint

Single purchase costs around CAD 9 and bulk purchase has a cost of around CAD 150.

Netraul Glow PaintGreen Super Phos Glow in the Dark PaintCAD 9,50 for 2 ounces
Neutral Glow PaintGreen Super Phos Glow in the Dark PaintCAD 18,80 for 4 ounces
Neutral Glow PaintGreen Super Phos Glow in the Dark PaintCAD 33,50 for 8 ounces
Neutral Glow PaintGreen Super Phos Glow in the Dark PaintCAD 65 for 16 ounces

Need more prices or a quote?

This overview is just a small selection from our photoluminescent paint partners, feel free to ask for a quote or multiple quotes to compare. Please make sure to send as many details of the project or surface as possible, this helps tremendously in making a sharp offer.

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