Solar Window coating

solar window coating

Solar Windows and Applications with Solar Glass

Solar window coating or solar power coating for windows is a transparent coating, made up of photovoltaic organic compounds which produce solar energy from both sunlight and artificial light. Solar windows are created by applying extremely thin layers of liquid coating on to glass surface.

The coating is printed onto glass during production phase. It can also be adhered on existing windows. The windows look just like normal, conventional windows but are actually ‘electricity generating windows’.

The use of Solar Windows / Solar Glass

Below are listed some of the benefits of solar window coatings;

  • This coating can generate almost 50 times more energy than rooftop solar panels.
  • Its scope is broader than solar panels because the coating can be easily applied to all sides of a building which in turn increases the surface area for the production of solar energy.
  • Provides exceptional aesthetics to windows (both interior & exterior).
  • Work well in natural, shady as well as indoor light.
  • Another benefit includes the effect of solar windows on a building’s internal air temperature. It reduces heat gain inside a building. Hence, it lowers air conditioning costs too.
  • Can be coated/fixed on readily available vast windows of skyscrapers. These tall buildings have the potential to generate large quantities of renewable energy.
  • It gives an elegant as well as a cost effective solution to meet zero net energy goals.
  • Once installed, this new technology will pay for itself within a year.
solar power window difference


Applications of solar window coating

  • Solar window coating can be applied to windows of any size.
  • It can be used on both commercial and residential scale.
  • For commercial purposes, you can use solar window coating on commercial glass for construction and replacement windows for commercial towers.
  • For residential purposes, you can use window glass for coating.
  • Moreover, you can use structural glass as well as architectural textured & decorative glass too.

Solar Windows ariety & color available

A lot of color and transmission options are available in the market prior to coating of windows with solar window coating. You can easily match the color of coating with your window. Also, if the color of your window is darker, then solar window coating can generate more energy.

Future prospects of solar window coating

Experts are of the opinion that apart from colored glass, transparent solar glass should also be developed. Not everyone likes to sit behind colored glass windows. But one important consideration is that, opaque panels are more efficient when it comes to absorbing visible light as compared to transparent panels. In case of solar windows, efficiency is more important than transparency and aesthetics.

Solar windows will cost 40% more than conventional windows. But at the same time, return on investment is very much achievable in under just one year. If you compare it with conventional solar systems/panels, it would require around 5 to 12 years for payback.


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