Anti climb paint guide Canada

Non-drying paint for vandalism prevention

Anti climb paint is a “non-drying” coating system which forms a thick and oily layer making it difficult for intruders to gain foothold on the surface. The anti climb paint resembles a layer of smooth glossy paint by appearance; however, this one does not dry. The surface thus remains slippery and makes it difficult for intruders and anyone else to hold the surface or to stand on it.

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Anti-climb paint or security paint is often a petroleum gel based paint which is applied thickly and never sets. It remains in gel form making any attempt at climbing any surface painted with it almost impossible and certainly very messy as it will contaminate skin, clothing, etc. and prevent a firm hand or foothold.anti intruder paint

Applying anti vandal paint

The thick and oily coating is usually applied with a stiff brush, just like you would normal paint. However the application is also possible with a trowel or by hand wearing a glove for protection. The paint is suitable for most of the common building materials; the most common applications include:

  • Roofs
  • Fences
  • Walls & Parapets
  • Lamp posts

To avoid accidental contact, it is suggested that Anti Climb paint is only used on surfaces above head height!

Watch this short video (1 minute) for a more detailed instruction from “Get off ultimate anti climb” paint.

Weather proof

The coating remains in a slippery form in any weather conditions. Temperature extremes and fluctuation do not affect it’; it adheres well and remains adhered.

The paint stays effective for about three years after which re-coating should take place. The application does not require specific preparation; removing the old paint is not necessary.

Please note: Anti-climb security paint could be harmful to aquatic environments and it is therefore unsuitable for use around the garden pond or other aquatic areas.

Where to apply?

Non-drying paint is the most effective when it is applied above certain height from the ground. The recommendation is usually to apply at least 2.4 metres from the ground. This also makes sure that innocent passers-by do not accidentally touch the paint. Additionally, the anti climb paint produces the most effect when the intruder has to climb several metres before being stopped by the paint.

Property protectionanti-climb-paint warning

The paint is effective due to the fact that it is oily and does not dry; it can thus be very slippery, and it efficiently contributes to preventing burglaries and break-ins. Next to that, it also leaves a mark to the person touching it. This makes it possible to identify intruders.

The paint is also called:  non-drying paint, anti-intruder paint, antivandal grease

It is strongly recommended (and in many cases a legal requirement) that appropriate warning signs should be displayed where this product is in use.

Anti climb paint products and availability in Canada

In Canada one of the most sold anti climb paints is StopClimb non-drying paint. Anti vandal paint can additionally be ordered online from various manufacturers such as Blackfriar and Coo-Var. Tor coatings (available at Smith & Allan) also have a anti climb paint in their range. Prices vary from 30 to 50 for a bucket.

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