Anti graffiti coating Guide Edmonton

Also in Edmonton is graffiti an act of vandalism and a criminal offence when placed on public or private property without the owner’s consent. If not removed, graffiti can lead to more acts of graffiti vandalism and create an environment in which crime can thrive. It also sends the wrong message that it’s okay to put graffiti on your property. Luckily removing graffiti was never easier with a special anti graffiti coating. You can just rinse it off. In this article we will discuss about graffiti removal in Edmonton.

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Anti graffiti coating Edmonton; coating specialists

wall in Edmonton with graffitiThere are many kinds of anti graffiti solutions available in Edmonton. The anti graffiti paint price depends on the system and if you apply it yourself or if you contract a coating specialist. Temporary systems based on B-wax are often cheaper than permanent ones (based on nano coating). Temporary systems might, however, prove to be more expensive on the long run due to potential removal of the system and re-coating.  If you are looking for an explanation about how different solutions works and how to apply it yourself, you can take a look at our general article about anti graffiti coating.

If you would like to contract a local coating specialist in Edmonton try one of the following:

Endura12425 149th Street, Edmonton T5L 2J6, AB780-451-4242
Anti-graffiti Property Protection & Removal ServicesEdmont­on, Albert­a, ton T5J780-498-6242
Graffiti removal brigade5628 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton T6B 3E6, AB780-465-9022

Graffiti removal Edmonton cleaning program

Are you a resident or property owner in Edmonton? Then we have good news for you. Property owners who are victims of graffitti vandalism may receive a professional graffiti cleaning on their property to a maximum of $750 per season. Properties must be located within City of Edmonton limits. Furthermore applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. If the cost to remove the graffiti is more than $750, the contractor will do an estimate of the full cost to remove the graffiti from your property and send it to the Capital City Clean Up.

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