Anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa and Toronto

See our overview of anti graffiti coating companies in Ottawa. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.

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Hanco Inc2440 Del Zotto Ave, Ottawa, ON K1T 3V7613-692-2660
GoGreen Power Wash1088 Somerset St. West , Suite 100, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C7613-725-3833
Wipeout clean754 Francis Road, Burlington, L7T 4A#905-632-9849
SurfaceScience Aviation4056 Meadowbrook Drive, Suite 101
London, Ontario, Canada N6L 1E4

Ottawa Anti Graffiti and mural Program

The city of Ottawa offers a graffiti and mural program to remove graffiti. The city offers advice to prevent and remove graffiti. Want to learn more about anti graffiti coating? Read our informative article regarding this type of coating and how it can help you keeping the city clean of graffiti.

Toronto Anti Graffiti Program

City staff will remove graffiti vandalism on City-owned buildings, overpasses, bridges and public parks. Staff will strive to remove any hate or gang-related graffiti within a 24-hour period. Municipal Licensing and Standards Division staff will respond to graffiti vandalism complaints and take appropriate action in accordance with the new by-law.

If you find graffiti vandalism on your property, or receive a notice, it is your responsibility to clean it up. You can either do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. You may also commission an artist to create a mural or graffiti art on your property and apply for an exemption.

Toronto Police Services is a key partner and has developed a Graffiti Management Program to integrate and reflect the principles of the Ontario Mobilization and Engagement Model on Community Policing. The Toronto Police program incorporates five elements. They are enforcement, intelligence gathering/management, community partnership/engagement, education and restorative justice-diversion.

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