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Anti Graffiti Coating in Vancouver

Out of our global experience we can tell you that you are lucky if you end up on this article. Simply since Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world related to graffiti clean up & protection. The City itselfs hosts an Integrated Graffiti Management Program to remove graffiti. However this doesn’t cover all of British Columbia of course, and you do have to ‘fix’ things yourself when in trouble..

Beware of the following laws in regard to Vancouver Anti Graffiti:

Property owners are responsible for the cost of removing graffiti from their building.

We do not fine you if graffiti is not removed. However, if a property is served with a notification, and graffiti is not removed, we have the right to remove it and will recover the cost from you.

Anti Graffiti Companies in Vancouver

 Anti Graffiti Service Company Address PHONE
Goodbye Graffiti ™ (site)  206-950 Powell Street, Vancouver BC, V6a1H9 (877) 684-4747
Central Painting Inc (contact) 13329 78th Avenue, Unit 510, (Vancouver Area) Surrey, BC V3W 5B9 (778) 785-4127
Concrete Only P.O. Box # 52565, Coquitlam,British Columbia, V3B 7J4 (604) 690 6655
Graffiti Removal Team  No Adress Available  (604) 5764430

If you contact these companies always send a photo with your request. They need to see what is going on to give you the best guidance possible. Of course you can also do these requests through us. Then you need to use our contact form. You can also of course try to apply it yourself  (A warning though… This is not easy) and buy products locally, then this product might help: 3M Anti Graffiti – 3M™ Scotchkote™ (made in Canada =))

If you want to know more about this subject also try the following pages on

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