Anti-Ice Coating guide Canada

The Coating that Repels Ice: Anti Ice Coating

A kind of coating that repels ice, snow, frost, water, sleet and rain is called anti-ice coating. You can use it in extreme freezing temperatures of up to -50 degrees. Also, you can apply it over the metal surface of your vehicle without affecting its paint. Especially in the cold winter months in Canada, a coating with anti-ice properties can be very useful. It enhances the use of objects in the cold and protect them from being damaged or even destroyed.

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The objects that need Anti Frost Coatings

Lots of objects and surfaces can benefit from extra ice and frost protection. Think about car windows and windshields, no more scraping in the early morning. No ice forming on helicopter or plane windows can enhance the safety and use of these vehicles tremendously. From rail cars to ship surfaces, especially when heading out on the Hudson bay in the winter. Protecting heavy duty vehicles like tractors and trucks is recommended when working in the colder months of the year.

Not only vehicles benefit from this kind of protection also communication and energy transportation. Power lines and internet cables are under a lot of stress when it starts to freeze in Canada, protecting them with anti-ice coating keeps maintenance and power-outage when cables start to fail to minimum. Not only cables also satellite dishes benefit from this kind of protection.

Public areas like steps and railings keep everyone from falling when anti-ice coating is being used, when used in combination with non-skid paint it doubles the protection and safety for people.

anti-ice coating

Anti-ice coating protects and extends the use of products

The Distinctive features of anti-ice coating

  • Transparent
  • Effective in freezing temperatures
  • Eco-friendly
  • Repels water and ice effectively
  • Melts snow and ice to some extent
  • Easy application with spray
  • Doesn’t harm paint of your motor vehicle
  • Resistant to stain
  • Low VOCs content & non toxic
  • Durable
  • Effective application on fiberglass, wood, concrete, plastics and metals
  • Easy to clean

Anti Ice Coating: Simply Reducing The Attachable surface

ice proof coating

Left without coating | Right with ice proof coating

Anti-ice coatings creates a non-stick surface. Water starts to bead up on the surface of coating. The contact angle of water easily pulls the ice beads that form away from the coating. As a result, ice does not have enough surface area to attach itself. The weight of ice or snow then pulls it off from the particular surface before it can form into large pieces or icicles which can be harmful for both people and property.

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