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Secure success with professional coating consultancy

DIscovering the wide range of available coatings and finding the right one for a specified project is not as straightforward as one might think. It is not simply a matter of choosing a paint and slapping it on, there are many factors and elements to consider: a coating needs to be chosen considering the substrate, the environment, the use, and the potential hazards, as well as factors such as film thickness and application method. For the best possible results, you need professional expertise which can be provided by a coating consultancy company.

In this article we will describe the various ways a coating consultant will assist you with your coating project, from initial assessment to specification and failure analysis. We will also include a list of coating consultancy firms operating in Canada.

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Coating consultancy at every stage of the project

The job of a coating consultant is a broad one. In order to help select a coating system that is best tailored to a project and will provide the best possible performance, a coatings consultant needs to evaluate and understand the needs of the project, the needs of the coating, and the regulatory and industry standards. They provide expertise and advice at every step of the coating process:

  1. The design stage/design optimisation – Analysing and assessing building plans to determine potential coating issues and find ways to deal with them is a solid part of coating advisory. A coating consultant also advises on how to best plan our project so as to minimise cost and maximise performance.
  2. The planning stage/specifications – Writing specifications, preparing documentation, selecting products, project management, field and laboratory testing are all part of a coating consultant’s portfolio.
  3. The application stage – This stage includes quality assurance testing, and assessing the application process from surface preparation to film thickness and environmental conditions.
  4. Project delivery – The final survey of the coating system and assurance that the job complies with the specification.
  5. Failure analysis – If the worst happens and something goes wrong, coating consultancy companies also perform failure analysis and investigation.

When a coating consultant can help you out

an employee of coating consultancy firm assisting in construction

Coating consultancy companies advice you throughout the design and construction process.

A coatings consultant can be brought into a project at any point. Their job is to consult and advise you as to the best coatings solutions at every step. You might need a consultant to:

  • Provide technical guidance about products, treatments, coatings, and services that will best suit your specification
  • Recommend a complete coating solution
  • Assist economically by selecting the most effective materials, coatings, and linings for the right price, and dealing with contractor bids
  • Assist in creating a coating specification
  • Conduct a site survey and provide an individual recommendation
  • Investigate a coating failure

Inspection and survey of the substrates and environments, a specification and coating system designed specifically for your site and project, and quality assurance checks throughout the coating process are the ingredients for a successful coating application and optimal performance results. A certified professional on site from the start is the best way to secure a long-lasting and effective coating system.

Recognise a qualified coating advisory company

There are three main accreditation bodies operating in Canada when it comes to coatings: NACE, ICorr, and CPCA. These are particularly important for coatings consultancy and coating inspections as they guarantee the expertise and skills of your consultant. All three bodies work on the basis of the international standards for the global coating industry. The standards are set by ASTM and ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation).  The differences between the three bodies are:

  1. NACE – The NACE Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) and Coating Inspector Program (CIP) certifications have been setting the standard in the protective coatings industry for over 30 years. These programmes provide an international certification and produce the highest calibre of paint inspectors and specialists. NACE also publishes a book outlining the use of coating inspection equipment.
  2. CPCA – Canadian Paint and Coatings Association Certification provides training and certificates to the entire coating industry from coating contractors to professional inspectors. They provide courses in coating technology as well as health and safety related to coating. This includes training in Transportation of Dangerous goods (TDB) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
  3. ICorr – The Institute of Corrosion is the British corrosion authority. They provide a number of courses that enable paint inspectors to acquire the necessary qualifications to carry out inspections in the field. ICorr certification is recognised internationally, including Canada. The certificates are given in three levels; the highest level is level 3, and only they are trained and certified to write paint specifications for coatings projects. The ICorr levels correspond to the NACE levels.

Coating consultancy companies in Canada

There are coating advisory companies and individuals operating across Canada. If you would like more information about the right company for you, get in touch! Our experts are here to help. Below is a small sample of the coating consultants in Canada.

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Coating consultancy companySpecialisationAddress
G. L. Stone Consulting Ltd.Protective coatings700 Dundas St. E., Ste. 13 Mississauga, ON. L4Y 3Y5
OE Nano IncNano Coatings and Specialised Nano-Based Compounds14843 – 118 Ave Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5L 2M7
HDIM Protective CoatingsProtective coatings14538-121A Avenue Edmonton, AB, T5L 4L2