Fire retardant and intumescent paint provide Vancouver fire protection

2017 saw B.C. suffer through the worst wildfire season in its history when 1300 fires burned through 12,164 square kilometres. For residents of Vancouver fire protection has been paramount since the Great Vancouver Fire destroyed most of the fledgling city in 1886 and the Vancouver Fire Brigade began building its fleet in earnest. Nowadays Vancouver fire protection systems are slightly more advanced, and now the range of possibilities has expanded to include coatings. Intumescent coating swells and forms an insulating char in response to high heat (commonly used for structural steel), and fire retardant paint emits flame-damping gases to prevent fire spread (commonly used for wood structures). When it comes to fire retardant paint and intumescent paint, Vancouver has you covered.

In this article we look at the fire retardant and intumescent paint companies and suppliers in Vancouver, all in one helpful map. For a look at fire resistant paint and the Canadian regulations, visit our overview page.

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Finding intumescent and fire retardant paint Vancouver

As you can see, there are a range of companies that provide fire retardant paint and intumescent paint services in Vancouver. Included in this map are fire protection companies – which provide maintenance, servicing and installation of active fire protection systems like sprinklers, extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency signs and others. Fire safety is not something you want to get wrong, and we recommend that any passive fire protection coating is applied by trained professionals – not only for peace of mind but also for the certification provided once the job is done. We outline a few of these fire retardant and intumescent companies below.

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Fire Protection Vancouver CompanyLocationServices Offered
ContegoCanada-wideManufacturer of passive fire protection coatings including intumescent and fire retardant.
Flame Control Coatings9-75 Chambers Dr. Ajax, ON L1Z 1E1 (Canada-wide)Fire retardant and intumescent coating supplier.
Northwest SprayfoamVancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, SurreyFireproofing cementitious and intumescent paint applicators.
WestCor Thermal8136 130th St. Unit 103, Surrey, BC V3W 8J9Interior and exterior intumescent paint applicators for steel.

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