Graffiti prevention coatings and anti graffiti coating Canada

In Canada, graffiti causes a lot of unnecessary costs in terms of removal. Even though most of the Canadian people find that some graffiti is acceptable and it can even be a form of art, there simply are places where graffiti does not belong. Luckily there is a solution that makes graffiti cleaning an easy job; graffiti prevention coating.  It cannot prevent graffiti being sprayed on the wall or object, but it does prevent the graffiti paint from adhering to surfaces.

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Two types of graffiti prevention coating

There are two types of anti-graffiti paint to choose from; sacrificial/temporary paint and permanent paint. Semi permanent graffiti prevention coating is also called B-wax. The composition and function of the coating resembles a wax layer. A semi permanent or temporary graffiti prevention coating creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall. The graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of the wall itself. So when the barrier is cleaned off, so is the graffiti.

The second type is permanent or nano based graffiti prevention coating. The nano particles in a permanent coating ensure a hard protective layer. As a result, the graffiti can be removed without damaging the substrate. The coating layer does not need to be applied again. Permanent graffiti prevention coating offers durable protection but can be more expensive than temporary coatings. The coating is effective for 3-8 years (50 to 70 cleaning rounds).

Why would you use a graffiti prevention coating?

Graffitists are attracted to broadwall areas with high visibility, particularly those that are rarely cleaned, as these walls present a more permanent showcase for their “art” or tags. It is a well-known fact that where graffiti is removed almost immediately, subsequent graffiti is much slower to appear, as such areas are not deemed to be worth the effort. Also, tags are more likely to appear on walls already carrying tags, as the ego of the graffitist will not allow a rival’s tag to remain unchallenged. So, an effective plan against graffiti must include (among other things) an effective graffiti prevention coating system that allows rapid removal of the offending graffiti.

The term “anti-graffiti” or “graffiti prevention” can be misleading, however as it implies that the coating somehow prevents graffiti from being applied to it. If only this were possible!

Graffiti prevention coating from Sherwin Williams and other manufacturers

The graffiti medium used, whether an aerosol spray can or heavy-duty marker, will differ from others in terms of difficulty of removal due to materials present in the formulation. Formulation differences also occur between different brands of the one generic type of medium used, resulting in differences in ease (or difficulty) of graffiti removal. Higher quality brands will generally contain superior raw materials such as more durable resins, and more fade-resistant pigments. Low quality brands may contain lower levels of pigment and resin and have poor coverage, or may tend to sag or run more, resulting in thinner, more easily removed graffiti.

A few major brands with quality graffiti prevention coatings are Sherwin Williams and Dulux.

  • Dulux Durethane Clear is a clear two-pack polyurethane available in matt and high
    gloss. The Matt Clear may be used directly on concrete.
  • Dulux Quantum FX is a semi-gloss metallic polyurethane offering a high level of
    metallic sparkle and available in either Fine or Coarse Metallic.
  • Sherwin Williams 2K Urethane graffiti prevention coating  is a two component, low VOC, super-hydrophobic polyurethane. It provides excellent graffi ti resistance, color and gloss retention.
  • Rain Guard VandiGuard (Home depot) is a permanent coating that can be applied to virtually every surface and not only easy to apply, but will stop taggers in their tracks. For application to new masonry, stucco or concrete surfaces, a first coat of RAIN GUARD water repellent(s) protection is required.
  • Artisan The Artisan Sacrificial graffiti-prevention coating (Home depot) protects masonry and painted surfaces from graffiti attacks. It dries to a clear finish that inhibits graffiti from penetrating onto the substrate. For use on concrete, stucco, block, pre-cast and painted surfaces

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