How to remove paint from any surface (Complete guide)

You spill paint on the wooden floor while painting, you want to remove the paint layer from a brick wall or make the robust wood of the supporting beams visible again. Can you remove paint or lowering from any surface, such as wood, metal, glass and brick, and if so, how do you do that? You can read that in this blog.

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How to remove paint

Paint can be removed in 4 ways. Here they are:

  1. Scrape bare with stripper and scrapers
  2. Sanding bare with a sander
  3. Burning bare with a burner
  4. Blow-dry with a paint dryer

Which method you use and when depends on the surface.

Removing paint from wood

Do you want to strip the wooden beams near the ceiling, remove layers of paint from the wooden stairs or breathe new life into that old cool sideboard? You can remove paint from wood in 3 ways:

  1. Scrape wood bare with a proper paint stripper and scrapers
  2. Blow-dry wood with a paint dryer
  3. Sand well

Remove paint from wooden floor

Do you spill paint on your wooden floor while painting? Of course you are disappointed that you have not covered the floor and you want to remove the spilled paint as quickly as possible. This is your plan of action:

  • Wet paint: if the water-based paint is still wet, use a lint-free cloth. Wet the cloth to remove the paint
  • Dried paint: with spirit or alcohol you can very carefully remove the dried paint from the floor. Caution is very important here to prevent a dull spot in your wooden floor. Another thing you can do to remove the paint from the floor is to gently scrape the paint off with a sharp knife

How to remove paint from any surfaceRemoving paint from stone

If you want to remove old paint layers from stone, a proper paint stripper is the solution. Brick walls sometimes have a coat of paint to hide the poor condition of the wall or because the previous homeowner liked it. Maybe you think very differently about this or you are a fan of the industrial living style and you want to remove the paint layer from the wall so that the bricks become visible again. You can do that with stripper. Another option is to grab the pressure washer and use the dirt blaster. Note: with the dirt blaster you can damage the wall and loosen porous joints.

Removing paint from glass

Are you painting the window frames and do you accidentally paint the windows as well? You can easily make glass paint-free. That’s how you do that:

  • Wet paint: put some turpentine on a cloth and rub the paint off the window. You can then clean the window with glass cleaner
  • Dry paint: dampen a cloth, put some turpentine on it and tie the cloth around a putty knife. Go over the paint with the putty knife to remove the paint from the glass. Then clean the window with a glass cleaner.

Remove paint from metal

The solution for removing paint from metal is stripper. Use a proper paint stripper. Tip: absolutely do not use a hair dryer to remove paint from metal.

Remove paint with thinner

Thinner is bad for your health, is aggressive and can affect paint layers. That is why we advise not to use thinner if you want to remove paint. Stripper, sanding, burning and blow drying are the best ways to remove paint.

Strip paint with baking soda

Soda is a home garden and kitchen product that is also used to strip paint. However, we do not recommend baking soda for paint removal. Unknowingly you can damage the bottom layer. It may also be that it is not possible to remove the paint with soda.

Remove paint from screws and zinc gutter

Screws that are covered in paint or a gutter that you want to remove paint from: you finish your job with paint stripper. The following applies to the screws: put them in the stripper and let time do the work.

Cleaning hands after paint job

Do you have paint on your hands after a paint job? Brushing the paint off with soap and water is not always possible and will leave your hands red and sore. The solution is called hand cleaner. Not only for removing paint. You can also remove oil, ink or tar from your hands quickly and easily with hand cleaner.

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