Industrial maintenance coatings in Canada

The most used industrial coatings are purposed to protect against corrosion. Actually almost all industrial coatings are designed to protect, rather than look aesthetically pleasing. But of course colour can be a valuable assistant to obtain signaling, as well as delimiting areas, providing indications as warning. Other important  functions of industrial maintenance coatings include intumescent coatings for fire resistance, high temperature resistance and tank maintenance coatings.

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Environmental legislation continues to heavily impact the industrial maintenance coatings market. In addition, product “on-time” availability and product performance are the most important factors in choosing industrial maintenance coatings.

In Canada, these are the top companies in this segment:

  • Sherwin Williams
  • AkzoNobel
  • Endura Paint
  • PPG
  • Nisku 
  • DuPont
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Valspar
  • Hempel

The main segments are:

  • offshore oil & gas anti corrosion coating
  • internal tank & containment coatings
  • pipeline repair systems
  • power plant coatings

Industrial maintenance coatings to prevent corrosion

Fowling and corrosion are the main problem of power generating station’s circulating water system. They challenge a system’s efficiency and productivity. The environment inside a circulating water system contains various amounts of silts and dissolved solids, and this water condition can lead to significant corrosion and/or erosion problems. Also biological growth and many types of marine organisms such as mussels, barnacles, oysters and algae is a problem. This activity can take its toll on the:

  • inner surfaces of the condensers
  • waterboxes
  • heat exchangers
  • intake and outtake water pipelines
  • tunnels
  • pumps
  • basins
  • trash racks
  • traveling screens

Splash zone areas of offshore platforms also face severe conditions as they are exposed to UV radiation, to constant wetting- and drying cycles and to impact and abrasion caused by floating debris, hurricanes and even ice floats. And, if left uncoated, the corrosion rate of steel in splash zone areas will easily amount to over 250 microns/year.

Steel structures from power plants and offshore platforms therefore have to be protected against corrosion. And painting with special anti corrosion paint is the best method of protection.

Anti corrosion paint systems typically consist of several layers which form a barrier against the penetration of water and contaminants through the coatings to the steel. However, the paint systems’ only work well, when they are well-applied and if a proper surface preparation is carried out.

industrial maintenance coatings

Getting it right from the start

Getting it right from the start makes very much sense in the power, oil and gas market since access and window of opportunity is a major obstacle for maintenance painting.

For instance, getting a crew on a platform to carry out maintenance is a major issue. The crew has to comply to health and safety training. At the same time a shut down of operations is not possible or only for a limited amount of time. This results in far less than ideal conditions for surface preparation and paint application.

We have several coating experts in our network that can provide you with an adequate paint system to protect your structure. It is important to select the right system are factors like the desired lifetime expectation, possible access for future maintenance and, above all, the available budget. Ask for a free quote through our contact page.

Fire prevention and protection

Another segment in  the area of industrial maintenance coatings is fire prevention. Designed to meet building and fire codes, there are intumescent paints to protect steel and other flammable and non-flammable materials from the effects of fire.

Tank maintenance & repair coatings

The degree of corrosion within storage tanks, especially those used for the storage of crude oil, is underestimated. Storage tanks that are adequately protected by effective coating systems exhibit severe corrosion of tank bottoms and the lower sections of the sidewalls.

With severe pitting corrosion, localized perforation of a tank bottom is a distinct possibility. Also, this situation requires special attention as serious soil contamination and environmental damage will occur through cargo leakage, leading to considerable financial loss. If the corrosion of the tank bottom is so severe that perforation has occurred and the general steel thickness is found to be below the recommendations of the API standard, then replacement of the tank bottom is required.

However, for minor localized perforations, a coating system with chopped fiber is generally able to bridge holes.

Depending on cargo storage, you need to select the appropriate tank lining.  For more detailed information on the chemical resistance of coatings you can use one of the many online tank select tools. Or ask us for free advice on your project.