elastomeric roof coating on metal roof in canada
Chemical resistant coating on blue barrels
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Chemical Resistant Coating & Acid Resistant Paint Canada

Chemical resistant coating provides superior substrate protection Almost all coatings will be exposed to chemicals and acids at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does not…
powder coating

Powder Coating Canada

A guide to powder coating Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and bicycles to heavy duty machinery. Its popularity comes down…
fire resistant paint damps flames
The skyline of Toronto could power itself with solar window coating

Solar Window Coating Canada

Solar Window and science creates solar panel windows The solar energy dream is to have high-yielding solar cells that are so versatile and easy to apply that they become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, powering our world from every surface.…
Mixing two component epoxy coating in a paint tin
swimming pool coating applied on a concrete pool