RAL 9010 – Broken White Paint and Pure White

RAL 9010 is one of the most common shades of white in the interior. In the painting industry we speak of 100% white if no extra pigment or paste is added using the mixing machine. So it really is standard white. By far the most commonly used white shade is RAL 9010. This is also called pure white. However, it immediately causes some confusion. Pure white is just the name. Read more information below.

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RAL 9001 VERSUS RAL 9010

RAL 9010 broken white

RAL 9010 broken white

To be able to choose between the different RAL white colours, we name two for you; RAL 9001 and RAL 9010. RAL 9001 is therefore more yellow in colour: cream or cream is the clearest name for this color.

If you want a whiter colour, you will quickly end up with RAL 9010. This colour is also called off-white or off-white. It is not stark white, but is just off the (stark) white. In contrast to previous years, RAL 9010 is now a frequently seen colour on walls and ceilings.

Would you like to know more about RAL 9001 versus RAL 9010? Then read our blog specifically about these two popular shades of white for tips and advice.

What is the most sold RAL 9010 paint?

The best-selling white paint for wall paint is RAL 9010: pure white. This type of white is less harsh than standard white, but still looks very fresh. RAL colours are the standard in industry, construction and road safety. RAL number 9010 concerns the colour Pure White and is part of the White and Black Tones category. It is by far the most commonly used colour for enamel paint, wall paint and latex. It is a very accessible standard colour for indoor use. Suitable for ceilings, walls and window frames. RAL 9010 is not too cream and not too cold. It is just right for many interiors. Would you like to know more about Ral 9010? Please contact our experienced experts. They will be happy to give you an answer or appropriate advice. This way you can be sure that you make the right choice for the paint. We have also written a blog about the difference between RAL 9010 and White and the difference between RAL 9010 and RAL 9001.

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