RAL 9011 Graphite Black

RAL 9011 Graphite black is a black color from the RAL range. The color of this RAL number black is somewhere between anthracite, black and jet black. So are you looking for a black color that is not completely dark black, but not too light either? Then Graphite Black is the right color for you. Read more information below.

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RAL 9011 for window frames

RAL 9011 Graphite Black

RAL 9011 Graphite Black

Graphite black RAL 9011 can be used for your window frames, both indoors and outdoors. This gives you a special effect, especially if you know how to combine the dark color well. So you could easily use RAL 9011 for the windows. RAL 9011 in matt is also very cool! A matte black color has a sturdy and industrial look, a RAL 9011 graphite black door fits perfectly. This gives your home a completely different atmosphere. Many people do not quickly choose black wall paint indoors, but how about RAL 9011 wall paint as an accent color?

RAL 9011 or RAL 7021

The difference between RAL 9011 and RAL 7021 is that RAL 9011 is somewhat dark. RAL 9011 is also a black color in origin. RAL 7021 is originally a gray color, so you can clearly see the difference. So do you want a dark gray color that is slightly darker than RAL 7021? Then RAL 9011 Graphite Black is a good choice, matt black RAL really suits any living style.

RAL 9011 or RAL 9005

Do you dare to go for the super dark Jet Black from all the RAL colors of black? Because that is RAL 9005, this matte black RAL color is even darker than Graphite Black. What do you paint in Jet Black? We often sell wood varnish and exterior varnish in jet black, because black is a popular shade for interior and exterior painting such as window frames and doors. The matt black RAL shades are equally popular in both high-gloss and semi-gloss. And if you prefer something less black, RAL 9011 Graphite Black is a great alternative.

The difference between graphite and anthracite

The name graphite or graphite gray comes from the mineral graphite, a form of carbon. The deep dark graphite color looks very cool, imagine you choose graphite lacquer to paint your wooden frames. Then your window and door frames almost look like steel frames, beautiful! Gafite black is one of the most beautiful matt black colours, but you can of course also buy high-gloss graphite black wood lacquer for your window frames. The difference between graphite and anthracite is that anthracite gray is slightly lighter. Anthracite therefore falls under the RAL gray shades rather than under the RAL black shades.

RAL 9011 combine with other colours

A color comes into its own if it is used properly. By this we mean that a color is better expressed when it is combined with another color. RAL 9011 Graphite black is a black color that can be perfectly combined with, for example, a light white shade. Using the right shade gives the home a beautiful appearance and can place the accents in the right place. The above combination often gives a modern look.

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